NEMSPA is developing several strategies to assist pilots transitioning Into the HAA industry

  • New pilots coming out of flight training school
  • Pilots currently flying in other industries
  • Military pilots moving into civilian HAA

A round-table discussion involving decision makers from several companies will take place at the 2018 AMTC in Phoenix, AZ. The focus will be on gaining insight from those that make hiring decisions on how to best present experience that translates to HAA industry requirements.

NEMSPA is also looking into offering resume writing help. Based on lessons learned from the round-table session, we believe pilots can update their resumes on the spot and be ready to introduce themselves to company representatives during the conference.

NEMSPA is planning to air the round-table session via FB Live, (or another media option) for our members. Those watching will have the ability to ask questions during the session. We will also record the session to be viewed on our website by those members who cannot attend AMTC.